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Committee Composition

Audit Committee:
The Audit Committee's primary responsibilities are to: (i) oversee AutoWeb, Inc.'s accounting and financial reporting policies, processes, practices and internal controls; (ii) appoint, compensate and oversee the independent auditors; (iii) review the quality and objectivity of AutoWeb, Inc.'s independent audit and financial statements; and (iv) act as liaison between the board of directors and the independent auditors.

Compensation Committee:
The Compensation Committee is responsible for: (i) determining or recommending to the board of directors the compensation of the Chief Executive Officer and each other executive officer or any other officer who reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer based on the performance of each officer; (ii) making recommendations to the board of directors regarding stock option and purchase plans and other equity compensation arrangements; and (iii) preparing reports regarding executive compensation for disclosure in AutoWeb, Inc.'s proxy statements or as otherwise required by applicable laws.

Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee:
The Corporate Governance and Nominations Committee is responsible for: (i) identifying individuals qualified to become directors and selecting director nominees or recommending nominees to the board of directors for nomination; (ii) recommending nominees for appointment to committees of the board of directors; (iii) developing and recommending charters of committees of the board of directors; and (iv) overseeing the corporate governance of AutoWeb, Inc. and, as deemed necessary or desirable from time to time, developing and recommending corporate governance policies to the board of directors.

Below is a summary of our committee structure and membership information. For the committee charters, click on committee names in the chart below.