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Jan 29, 2005

Autobytel Unveils End-to-End Customer Relationship Management Solution

Autobytel Unveils End-to-End Customer Relationship Management Solution New Orleans, LA - January 29, 2005 - Autobytel Inc. (Nasdaq: ABTLE) today unveiled the first phase of its newly integrated CRM solution, Autobytel Customer Relationship Management (ACRM). ACRM merges the proven functionality of Web Control®, the industry's number one independent lead management system,1 with Retention Performance Marketing (RPM)® 2.0, the first post-sale retention program to integrate customer segmentation with personalized communications across multiple channels. The combined solution, which joins two of the best automotive CRM solutions available today, creates a single interface for customer records across sales and service to allow dealers to establish lifetime customer relationships.

"We know that dealers want more control, less complication and better efficiency in their CRM systems," said Autobytel Inc. President and CEO Jeffrey Schwartz. "With its one-stop holistic look at customer records across multiple databases throughout the customer lifecycle, ACRM provides just that."

The ACRM platform provides a suite of functionality from lead management to service reminders. ACRM's web-based architecture supports a flexible business model, allowing dealers to pick and choose the modules that best support their specific needs. The integrated solution is designed to allow Autobytel to rapidly deploy new modules and functionality across its extensive customer base.

ACRM brings together critical elements in the sales prospecting and service retention process for dealerships. Effective communication with sales prospects over an extended period of time is a key determinant of dealership sales success today2 and, once a dealer has established a customer relationship, service retention is fundamental to a dealer's profitability.3

According to Vic Vaughan, general manager at Fred Haas Toyota, "One of the biggest problems I face is having to coordinate several systems for my customer outreach and ongoing management. Nothing ruins a customer relationship faster than having disparate contact from my salespersons on multiple occasions. An integrated solution like ACRM will eliminate those issues and give me peace of mind that my team is in sync with our customers and prospects."

"Combining RPM with the proven functionality of Web Control is a natural evolution of Autobytel's innovative track record," said Schwartz. "This integrated offering allows dealers greater flexibility and ease in building strong and profitable lifetime customer relationships. With brand loyalty declining, dealers need every advantage ACRM gives them to keep customers engaged."

The first phase of ACRM is expected to be "live" in April 2005.

Visit Autobytel Booth #4542 at the 88th annual NADA convention to view an ACRM demo and learn more about the initiative.

1Web Control is used by more of the top 100 e-Dealers than any other program, according to Ward's Dealer Business, April 2004
2An R.L. Polk & Co. Automotive Intelligence study (February 2004) showed that while one third of consumers studied buy within thirty days, the crucial decision phase for many online consumers can extend well beyond initial Purchase Request submission
3According to NADA Data 2004, parts and service accounted for 12% of total dealer revenue and 46% of the total operating profit

About Autobytel Inc.
Autobytel Inc. (Nasdaq: ABTLE), a leading Internet automotive marketing services company, helps retailers sell cars and manufacturers build brands through marketing, advertising, data and CRM (customer relationship management) products and programs. The Company owns and operates the automotive websites,,, and, as well as AIC (Automotive Information Center), a trusted industry source of automotive marketing data and technology for over 20 years. Autobytel is also a leader in dealership lead management and CRM solutions and owns and operates AVV, Inc., a top provider of dealership CRM and sales management products, and Retention Performance Marketing, Inc. (RPM®), which powers dealerships with cutting-edge customer loyalty and retention marketing programs. As the Internet's largest new car buying service, Autobytel generates over a billion dollars a month in car sales for dealers through its services and was the most visited new car buying and research destination in 2004, reaching millions of car shoppers as they made their vehicle buying decisions. Autobytel's car-selling sites and lead management products are used by more of the nation's top-100 e-dealers than any other program.

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